Making a Quilt with Memories

I am making a quilt with memories,
Of every person I have ever met,
Of where I have been and what I have seen,
Of the things I hope to never forget.

I’ll snip a stained piece of tablecloth,
Where I crudely drew and learned to write.
I will steal a shred from our battered couch,
Where we laughed together every night.

I’ll take a piece of my baby blanket,
That is too loved-out to really use.
And the ribbon from my furry darling,
The queenly cat it broke my heart to lose.

I’ll collect a special piece of clothing,
From every member of my family
So they can shield me from the ruthless cold.
When winter comes, I hope they think of me.

I am making a quilt with memories.
There is a loving warmth in every thread,
That reminds me of home and who I am,
No matter where it is I make my bed.