I Met Her Dancing

I met her dancing,
With pink flowers in her hair,
Starry eyes and a silver smile,
Whispering wishes into the air.
Her bare feet glided above the ground,
And with an innocent glance,
She inquired if I remembered life
When I used to dance.


Merry Christmas Eve

The children lay awake all night,
Listening for the clack of reindeer hooves,
Straining for the sight of a jolly old man
As he silently steals to the snow-capped roof.
When the dawn at last broke into the room,
They sprang up like prisoners set free.
In a sugarplum rush, they ran down the hall
Onto their parents’ bed with squeals of glee.
Sleepily, dad stirred under the sheets,
Wondering what they let their kids believe.
“Children…it’s time you know…
The difference between Christmas and Christmas Eve.”