The Cat Fell Asleep in my Shoe

kittyThe cat fell asleep in my shoe
And I don’t know what to do!
I really don’t want to shout,
But soon I have to go out.
If I wait here then maybe
She’ll have to go pee
Or get something to eat
And I can warm my  frozen feet.
Awww…she’s so innocent and cute!
How can I give her the boot?
I’ll just give her the shoe.
What else can I do?


Stormy Stage

wpid-img_20150319_151013.jpgLet’s dance to the backdrop of rain,
Let’s sing to the beat of thunder,
Let’s laugh and watch with wonder,
While the world is torn asunder.

Let’s promise to always remember,
Things can be both beautiful and frightening,
On our stormy stage, we will be striking,
And bow under a spotlight of lightning.

Fourth of July Fireworks

BOOM! CLAP! Colors crackle across the sky.
Gunshots fire a brilliant kaleidoscope.
From ancient seats, the steadfast stars shine,
With a glittering wink, new stars hint at hope.  

With fire – we remember those who came before.
With magic – we honor their vision and cause.
Electrifying thunder and booming lightning –
Together – force a worried, harried world to pause.
And remember.

Happy Fourth of July! And a heartfelt thank you to all the men and women who serve our country, as well as the “old stars” who made the American dream possible.

I Met Her Dancing

I met her dancing,
With pink flowers in her hair,
Starry eyes and a silver smile,
Whispering wishes into the air.
Her bare feet glided above the ground,
And with an innocent glance,
She inquired if I remembered life
When I used to dance.

Merry Christmas Eve

The children lay awake all night,
Listening for the clack of reindeer hooves,
Straining for the sight of a jolly old man
As he silently steals to the snow-capped roof.
When the dawn at last broke into the room,
They sprang up like prisoners set free.
In a sugarplum rush, they ran down the hall
Onto their parents’ bed with squeals of glee.
Sleepily, dad stirred under the sheets,
Wondering what they let their kids believe.
“Children…it’s time you know…
The difference between Christmas and Christmas Eve.”

Trying to Fly

I asked a bird to teach me to fly,
He chirped and twittered and promised to try,
But when a feat requires wings,
Arms become quite useless things.

I asked a fish how to breathe in the murky blue,
He said that it is just something you do,
But if you have lungs instead of gills,
Breathing underwater usually kills.

I asked a dog to teach me to sniff,
He barked, “Open your nostrils and take a whiff,”
But it seems I lack sense in my olfactory;
I cannot decipher messages on a pole or tree.

There are “impossible” things a person should try,
But we were not made to slither or fly.
And, in trying to be all that we can,
We tend to forget the limits of man.