About Me

Letter from the Editor

After 18 years of lolling in the Florida sunshine, this literature-loving beach bum decided to pack her 3 pairs of jeans and 10,000 pairs of flip flops and attend college in Jackson, Tennessee, to study journalism, creative writing, and how to wear 20 layers of clothing in 60-degree weather without looking 10 pounds heavier. But, despite my relocation, some things never change. I am and forever will be a Florida girl, Tampa Bay Rays fan, dedicated (read: obsessive) runner, and a floating shift.

What exactly is a floating shift? Long story short, I’m not sure. That’s kind of the point. It could mean almost anything. It’s full of promise, but random and unpredictable. Like me. Or, at least, my writing, which is the most genuine reflection of my life I can offer, through prose, reflection, short story, or poem.

So I suggest that you grab a steamy cup of tea and enjoy the ride. My life is constantly shifting and I’m learning to float along with it.

You can e-mail me at afloatingshift@gmail.com!


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